Open Cell vs. Close Cell

The two types of spray foam are closed cell and open cell.

Closed cell spray foam cures to a rigid state, and has the added benefit of strengthening the structure it is applied to.  This is important in Long Island Commercial Spray Foam, in that closed cell foam could be the difference in keeping your roof during a hurricane.  Both in New Jersey and Long Island , hurricane ravaged homes where rebuilt with closed cell spray foam insulation, specifically to provide peace of mind in the event of another big storm.

Open cell spray foam is spongy, full of millions of air bubbles, much like the foam in chair or mattress, and has the added benefit of creating an excellent sound barrier.  Both types of spray foam are excellent insulators and air sealers.  When the temperature is creeping over 90 degrees, you will appreciate the comfort that only spray foam insulation can provide.

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