Containers Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation of shipping container homes is best done on the outside to protect the container from rusting and moisture buildup on the inside UNLESS insulating spray foam is used on inside walls.

Insulating a shipping container house is best done with insulating spray foam or Polyurethane Foam; this insulating material sticks to steel walls and depending on thickness sprayed, you can expect R3.5 per inch for open cell or R7 for closed cell foam per inch.
Spray Foam Insulation USA rust proofs the interior walls, seals the building and eliminates energy robbing cold air infiltration and the related problems with mold, mildew and condensation problems, steel is an excellent conductor, therefore it’s also a good idea to give the outside a thin layer of insulating foam to prevent bridging.

Closed Cell Spray Foam – closed cell spray foam is the most efficient insulation.  It will offer the highest insulation value (approximately R-7 per inch).  The spray foam completely covers the surface of the corrugated shipping container walls.  There are no gaps between the insulation and the container’s wall (as there are with fiberglass or polystyrene panels).  There is much less risk of condensation or moisture developing with closed cell spray foam.  There is no need to frame out the interior as the spray foam adheres directly to the sidewalls and ceiling of the storage container.  It can be sprayed as thick as necessary to achieve The insulating value you require.

Any of these methods are a very effective way to insulate the interior of your shipping container or storage containers.

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