Spray Foam Insulation USA

Cleaner Indoor Air

Spray Foam is the only insulation that creates an air seal, reducing dust, pollen, and other air contaminants.

Lower Energy Bills

Spray Foam Insulation can lower your energy bills by up to 50%, meaning it can pay for itself starting day one.

Added Comfort

Spray Foam will equalize the temperatures across your home, adding comfort you’ll notice immediately.

Optimum Foam Insulation Solution

topratedIn the world of insulation, spray foam is the optimum solution, adding the benefit of air sealing to excellent r values. Other insulations, like fiberglass or blown cellulose, allow conditioned air to escape the home while allowing unconditioned outside air to infiltrate the attic, crawlspace, or walls. Adding the extra element of air sealing will help your HVAC system do its job more efficiently, increasing its life expectancy, and lowering your energy costs.  If your HVAC system runs continuously, a likely culprit is a lack of air sealing due to poor insulation.

We are Long Island’s most trusted spray insulation contractor. Spray Foam Insulation USA has a reputation for providing practical, effective solutions at best prices. When you make us your spray foam insulation contractor of choice, you’ll not only get quality workmanship that delivers results, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re working with Nassau County best spray foam  insulation contractor. We can do any home or commercial insulation project in Oceanside as well as all Long Island Towns, Lynbrook, Long Beach, Deer Park, Baldwin, Farmingdale. Call visit us at www.sprayfoaminsulationusa.com  for your free estimate, and see how we can help you go green and wise.

Save Money On Energy Bills With Insulation Foam

lower-energy-bills-graphTraditional building practices use vented attics with fiberglass or blown in cellulose on the floor for insulation. Conditioned air from the living space of the home leaks into the attic and out of the home, while unconditioned air enters the home, causing the HVAC system to work harder. Spray foam insulation seals the attic vents and all possible leaks, keeping conditioned air in the house, and unconditioned air outside, allowing the HVAC system to work more efficiently. This uses far less electricity, meaning you start saving on your energy bills immediately. Depending on the age and construction of the house, savings on energy bills can range from 20-50%. On top of the energy savings, the HVAC system will last longer due to the lessened burden of conditioning the air that is now staying in the house. In addition, spray foam never needs to be replaced, saving you the cost of adding blown cellulose or changing out old fiberglass.

Improve Air Quality With Spray FoamSneezing-300x248

The air seal created by spray foam insulation reduces the amount of airborne contaminants in a home. Many allergy sufferers report that their symptoms related to allergies were drastically reduced after installing spray foam, the levels of pollen and common molds were lessened. Dust levels are reduced as well, meaning less dusting is needed to keep surfaces clean.

CF-main-300x300Lower Your Carbon Footprint by Fireproofing With Spray Foam

According to the free carbon footprint calculator on The Nature Conservancy website, upgrading to spray foam insulation lowers a homes’ impact on the environment by 5 tons (carbon emissions) per year. That’s a staggering number, when you consider how many homes and buildings have inefficient insulation. Read more here about the positive environmental impact of installing spray foam insulation.

Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Spray Foam in New York

Insulation-Scale-Open-vs-Closed-2The two types of spray foam are closed cell and open cell.  Closed cell spray foam cures to a rigid state, and has the added benefit of strengthening the structure it is applied to.  This is important in Charleston, in that closed cell foam could be the difference in keeping your roof during a hurricane.  Both in Florida and New Jersey, hurricane ravaged homes where rebuilt with closed cell spray foam insulation, specifically to provide peace of mind in the event of another big storm.  Open cell spray foam is spongy, full of millions of air bubbles, much like the foam in chair or mattress, and has the added benefit of creating an excellent sound barrier.  Both types of spray foam are excellent insulators and air sealers.  When the temperature is creeping over 90 degrees, you will appreciate the comfort that only spray foam insulation can provide.


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